Rifle Technology

VOERE is one of the most innovative and modern companies in the field of precision and rifle technology. Our hunting and target rifles, developed and produced right below the Kufstein fortress are rich in tradition, enjoy international acclaim and are still considered to be an insider's tip.

Our local production of Hunting and Taget Rifles entirely manufactured in-house is unique in the industry:


  • Bolt-action rifle 2165 / 2155 – traditional rifle, based on the M98 action in several variations
  • Bolt-action rifle LBW – lightweight, attractive priced Hunting Rifle with Switch-barrel, changeable calibre, optional Take down and Hand cocking
  • Bolt action rifle Tirolerin – lightweight, shapely with Take down and Hand cocking for sophisticated demands
  • Small bore bolt action K15 - very light small bore bolt action with carbon barrel


  • LBW X3 - big, stable precision rifle packed with most innovative precision technology
  • LBW M2 - elegant, cost-efficient precision rifle in modular construction for the daily and not daily use
  • LBW Match-Varmint - Bolt action rifle based on our LBW-series with GRS-laminated stock and excellent shot capacity

VOERE Präzisionstechnik accessories - magazines, triggers, safeties, handcocking systems and rifle scope mounts are an integrated part of many branded firearms.


Overview Hunting Rifles

K15A - Small Bore Bolt Action Rifle

handy - light weight - affordable


K15A handy, modern small bore bolt action rifle with carbon fibre enforced barrel in .22 lr.

Prices ranging from € 599,-


Tirolerin - Bolt Action Rifle

Elegant - Light-weight - Compact

The "Tirolerin" is a well-balanced rifle made of steel with modular design and Take Down for standard calibers ranging from 22-250 Rem. to 9,3x62.

Prices ranging from € 2.459,-

LBW - Bolt Action Rifle

Light-weight - Well-balanced - Modular

LBW Serie Menue

The LBW is a good value, universal, light-weight rifle with modular design and Take Down for small, medium and magnum calibers.

Prices ranging from € 1.240,-

2155 - Bolt Action Rifle (M98 based)

Proven - Solid - Low-cost

 2155 freigestellt

The robust models are based on the Mauser M98 system proven many million times over.

Prices ranging from € 1.037,-


2165 - Bolt Action Rifle (M98 based)

Elegant - High-quality - classic

The "2165" is the classic M98 with luxury attachments.

Prices ranging from € 1.444,-
 2165 freigestellt


Overview Precision Rifles


Innovative - powerful - accurate


X4 - The High-Tech rifle for longrange applications

Price ranging from € 8.598,-


Accurate - Reliable - Proven


X3 the utmost in longrange accuracy. Up to Calibre 408 CheyTac.

Price ranging from € 7.200,-



Modular - Tactical - Safe

The M2 is high-tech for long range shooters. Interchangeable, modular, for all Calibres up to 338 Lapua Mag.

Price ranging from € 5.881,-



LBW Match-Varmint

Versatile - Sporty - Innovative


This hunting match bolt-action rifle based on the LBW series.

Prices LBW Jagdmatch ranging from € 2.566,-
Prices LBW Varmint ranging from € 3.143,-




Quick Detachable Scope Mounts

1 - ZF Montage

Robust – Interchangeable – Reproducable precision

A reliable mount for bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles

from € 270,-


Picatinny / Weaver rails

2 - ZF Montage

Proven – Reasonable priced – Standardised

Weaver and Picatinny Rails

from € 120,-

Manual cocking system

3 - Handspanner

Modern – Safe – Quiet

De-cocked is the safest way to carry

from € 226,-

M98 safety

4 - Sicherung

Streamlined – 3 positions – Quiet

No more interference with low mounted scopes

from € 128,-

M98 Detachable Magazine Kit

5 - Magazin

Steel – Proven - Custom job

Upgrade your M98 with a detachable Magazine

from € 265,-

M98 Triggers

6 - Abzüge 2011 11

Crisp – Adjustable - Wide variaty

Long experience in developing and building triggers for M98 rifles, for each situation the right choice

from € 85,-


Muzzle Brakes

10 - Mündungsbremse 2011 11

Effective – Titanium - Wide variaty 

As kickstop for light weight rifles and big bore rifles

from € 74,90


11 - Magazine

Consulting – Prototyping – Production

In steel, individual products already on small quantaties (minimum 100 pcs.)

from € 50,-

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