Overview Hunting Rifles

K15A - Small Bore Bolt Action Rifle

handy - light weight - affordable


K15A handy, modern small bore bolt action rifle with carbon fibre enforced barrel in .22 lr.

Prices ranging from € 599,-

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Tirolerin - Bolt Action Rifle

Elegant - Light-weight - Compact

The "Tirolerin" is a well-balanced rifle made of steel with modular design and Take Down for standard calibers ranging from 22-250 Rem. to 9,3x62.

Prices ranging from € 2.459,-
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LBW - Bolt Action Rifle

Light-weight - Well-balanced - Modular

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The LBW is a good value, universal, light-weight rifle with modular design and Take Down for small, medium and magnum calibers.

Prices ranging from € 1.240,-

2155 - Bolt Action Rifle (M98 based)

Proven - Solid - Low-cost

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The robust models are based on the Mauser M98 system proven many million times over.

Prices ranging from € 1.037,-


2165 - Bolt Action Rifle (M98 based)

Elegant - High-quality - classic

The "2165" is the classic M98 with luxury attachments.

Prices ranging from € 1.444,-
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